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"One's destination is never a place rather a new way of looking at things" - Henry Miller

Our mission is to make sure all perpetrators are held accountable for their actions.


Rae of Hope, Inc. wants to incorporate the importance of a relationship with the Lord foremost, and being aware of the signs of social violent attitudes that may destroy families and entire communities.


We are diligently working locally & nationwide to bring awareness to stalking and domestic violence. With more political actions to bring harsher punishments for perpetrators and habitual offenders of these heinous crimes, we aim to make our organization transparent to donators and affiliates of Rae of Hope, Inc.


  Rae of Hope, Inc., a non-profit organization, wants to bring the Glory of God into the lives of individuals/ families needing assistance and support in violent and abusive situations.


This organization hopes to bring awareness to the severity of stalking and domestic abuse of female or male victims, and their children.


We hope to change the laws and sentencing surrounding these crimes.  We want to educate and bring awareness of just how dangerous stalking is and how fatal stalking and domestic violence can be if it goes unpunished and untreated.

  Our goal is to educate victims and potential victims of stalking and domestic violence, by providing intellectual, moral, and social instruction on how to cope with and handle these situations.


Financially, our organization plans on assisting these families and individuals with creating a new beginning, by giving them aid in counseling, housing, clothing, and the necessities essential to moving forward positively.


We want to bring our community together to love, respect and nurture each other. We want to teach our children that there are better ways to deal with anger. We want to reach,teach, and assist those families to build up stronger and healthier families, and communities without the violence.

     Our Mission

   Our Goals

  Our Philosophy
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